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Lady Golf Clubs

Beginner set of golf clubs checks and guidelines for selecting a first set of lady golf clubs. A starter set is not only meant for a beginners. Such a set can also be used for ladies with a high handicap, which means you need more than 100 strokes at a par 72 course. You do not need to purchase a complete ladies set right away. I will explain why below. You could opt for:

* 5-iron
* 7-iron
* 9-iron
* Pitching Wedge - PW
* Sand Wedge - SW
* 3-wood
* 7-wood
* 9-wood
* Putter

With a complete starter set of golf clubs like this you can first explore the possibilities of the clubs as well as become familiar with your own game. And it enables you to handle actually any situation on the golf course. So, maybe you first can start to look at used or preowned woods, irons and wedges to make up a recommended beginner set of golf clubs. And discover what combination of clubs in your bag best fits your needs. Of course, various combinations are conceivable. If you nevertheless still want to have a complete woman golf set right from the beginning, be sure of your play and your swing on the course.

Checklist For Making Up Your Beginner Set Of Golf Clubs

beginner set golf clubs

Choose for high loft - Choose lady golf clubs that are most comfortable to you, and with which you can reach a great distance: irons and woods with a high loft. Loft means, to put it simply, the angle at which the club face is placed to the shaft, expressed in degrees. The higher the loft, the easier it is to get under the ball and to get a higher ball arc.

beginner set of golf clubs

Learn from other golfers how they made up their starter set and how they have improved their game. And do your excercises in the chipping and pitching area with high lofted lady wedges - with a proper lie - that can be rented at your golf centre. If, in the beginning, you hit better when using the lady 7-wood and 9-wood, then leave the 5-iron at home for a couple of weeks.

lady golf club

Additional clubs - If you are a more advanced player, you can add a lady golf driver and a 5-wood. And consider an additional wedge to fill up the gaps in your beginner set of golf clubs - a Lob Wedge, Gap Wedge or an Approach Wedge to further improve your short distance play.

lady golf clubs

Putter - Choose a putter that fully corresponds with your play. A putter of a different brand may work better for you.

lady golf clubs

Grips - Pay attention to the grip sizes and materials of your beginner clubs, and relate the information to your grip technique.

beginner set of golf clubs

Shafts - Pay attention to the shafts of your beginner set of ladies golf clubs. Learn how to handle the slightly longer shafts of the woods on the driving range. Take your time in doing so.

beginner set of golf clubs

Heads - Pay attention to the head sizes and forms, and head material of your beginner set of golf clubs.

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