Wednesday, February 07, 2007

John Phillips Tuition Series: Putting


All good putters start with a sound putting grip, were the back of the left wrist stays firm and the grip pressure is light.

Start with the putter grip going through the left hand to the centre of the wrist, the right hand should stay neutral to the putter. The first finger of the left hand taken off and placed over the fingers of the right hand - this is called the Reverse Overlap Grip (as shown below).

The idea of the grip is to promote very little wrist action, this in turn will help promote a good putting stroke and lower your score.

If you still have a problem with keeping the left wrist firm, you could try the Cross-Handed Grip (see below) where the left hand is placed below the right. This is an alternative for players who have excessive wrist action or you could try a larger putter grip. Either of these might help especially if you are suffering from missing short putts.


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